Digital Almsround 2018/19 of the Zen Temples Switzerland

Householder and the homeless in mutual dependence, reach the true path!

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1 Week Templestay

Welcome to the temple stay at the Honora Zen Monastery in Reichenburg (anytime). The voucher for the temple stay is transferable. *The goodies can be cumulated.*

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Price : CHF 1000

Heart Sutra (Size A4)

The Heart Sutra is often cited as the best known and most popular scripture in zen. The Heart sutra describes the experience of liberation of the bodhisattva of compassion as a result of insight gained while engaged in deep meditation to awaken the faculty of wisdom. The insight refers to apprehension of the fundamental emptiness of all phenomena, known through and as the five aggregates of human existence: form, feeling, volitions, perceptions, and consciousness. You will get a personalized heart sutra (size A4).

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Price : CHF 150

Plaque in the Honora Zen Monastery

You will receive a personal commemorative plaque in the Honora Zen monastery (10x10cm).

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Price : CHF 5500

Coffee & tea ceremony in the Zen Monastery

We are happy to welcome you with a coffee & tea ceremony in one of our Zen temples: Honora Zen Monastery in Reichenburg, Eremita Zen Temple in Einsiedeln, Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus.

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Price : CHF 50

Weekend in the Zen monastery

"Exercise in motion" and "Exercise in silence" are equally appreciated. Welcome to the Honora Zen Monastery in Reichenburg (anytime). The coupon for the weekend is transferable. *The goodies can be cumulated.*

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Free Goody

If you would like to donate any amount, please click on the "Free Goody". You will then receive the bank details and can transfer your desired amount.

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