Black IPv6 Friday

Black IPv6 Friday Get yourself up-to-speed with the most affordable, Swiss based virtual machines. Running with 100% renewable energy. Only available until Black Friday (2019-11-29)

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What is the Black IPv6 Friday?

The Black IPv6 Friday is an offer from IPv6OnlyHosting with discounts up to 50% on the regular VPS price. It is supported by ungleich to give everyone easy access to IPv6 based services.

What can I do with an IPv6 only VM?

There are a variety of things you can do with it:

  • Run your IRC client on it
  • Run a webserver, mailserver, etc.
  • Run a chat server
  • Backup your data to it
  • Provide a cloud data access for your coworkers
  • Any many many more things

How to use IPv6 only Virtual Machines

As the name already says, this is an IPv6 focused Black Friday and all virtual machines (VMs) come with IPv6 only (no IPv4 on the VM).

The virtual machine can reach the IPv4 Internet via NAT64.

And to provide access to the virtual machine, there are two free offerings included:

  • The IPv6 VPN with a static /48
  • An IPv4-to-IPv6 HTTP(S) proxy

You can then access your IPv6 only VPS via SSH using a public key pair.

Free IPv6 VPN

For every VM customer we include an IPv6 VPN for free (regular price: 120 CHF/year). This lets you access the IPv6 only VM from anywhere in the world. Even better, this lets you access the whole IPv6 Internet from anywhere in the world! For more information checkout

Free IPv4-to-IPv6 Proxy

To enable your VM to be reachable from the IPv4 Internet, we additionally include an IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy for free and it works as follows:

  • You setup your domain name to point the AAAA entry to your VM
  • You setup your domain name to point the A entry to the proxy

The proxy will then automatically forward the IPv4 traffic for the selected domains to your VM - no extra configuration needed.

Additional HDD Storage

You can also get additional storage for your VM. We have two offers:

  • 100 GB HDD (regular price: 18 CHF/year)
  • 1000 GB HDD (regular price: 180 CHF/year)

Attention: you need a virtual machine to use the storage.

How does the crowdfunding work?

To be able to give you the discount deal, we need to reach at least 20'000 CHF in sales until Black Friday. For those of you who are not used to CHF (Swiss Franc), it is roughly equivalent to 1 USD. If we don't reach that goal, you will get 100% refund.

After you select the goodie on the right side, you will get an email from us with the payment details.

You need to be able to pay by either credit card or wire transfer.

More about IPv6 VPS

If you are interested in IPv6 VPS, there are some more articles we can recommend to checkout:

You can also join the where many people who are interested in IPv6 hang out!

Update 2019-11-15

On request we have added packages to pre-configure your VPS. So far we have added support for

  • Nextcloud
  • gitea

If you like to have another configuration, just send us an email to support at or write to us in the ungleich chat

Update 2019-11-17

We have just received another, very special request to create an offer for a dual stack (IPv6 + IPv4) VPS including additional HDD storage.

This is useful if you have a hard dependency on IPv4 (software that does not work on IPv6) or want to handle IPv4 traffic yourself. You can find the new offer below as "The old school IPv4 VM".

Update 2019-11-18

We have just added the "Desktop in the cloud" offer. You can use this option to have a Linux desktop reachable via browser. With this you can run your browser or other applications in the cloud.

If you choose this option, you also need to choose a VM, which will be your home for your data and running the applications.

Update 2019-11-30

Thank you everybody for your support! Our team will get in touch with you regarding your orders, it is a manual process so please bear in mind it might take a bit of time.